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Todd Hammond, Director of recently established Hammond Studio, is a quiet force in the Australian interior design community, having worked on widely-recognised and awarded projects over the past twenty years.

The components of successful commercial projects

Indesignlive Feature

Indesign catch up with Hammond Studio’s Todd Hammond to talk building a business, the client-designer relationship, and why adaptive reuse is the way forward.

The most successful projects,” says Todd Hammond, “Are always the ones where the clients are engaged.” It’s a brisk Friday morning in Sydney and we’re sitting in the lobby of Tower 2, Darling Park, a commercial precinct that takes its name from the adjacent Darling Harbour.

Read the full write-up on Hammond Studio’s new Sydney office for Yancoal in the upcoming seventy-fifth issue of Indesign, hitting newsstands this November.

Written by Alice Blackwood. Photography of Yancoal by Terence Chin.

Guest speaker at FRONT – a design event by Indesign Media

With a focus on launching new product, FRONT presents brands who value solution-based approaches and ongoing innovation. Leading commercial designers, architects and specifiers can connect to products and technology in one venue.

Sustainability is a key concern in all design contexts but is particularly important within the commercial sector, where “green design” and certifications can augment property prices and attract high quality tenants. However, incorporating sustainability into existing buildings that predate environmental awareness poses a unique challenge. How can designers leverage adaptive reuse to maximise existing built assets and meet sustainability outcomes?

Todd Hammond hosted a panel discussion on the ‘Value of Adaptive Use’ at FRONT.