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Havas Agency

Global Communications Company
Havas Agency, Melbourne

Hammond Studio continues our national relationship with Havas Group with their new headquarters in Melbourne, over 2 levels in a downtown CBD location.

The building’s entry sequence has been changed from the busy Flinders Street location to the more intriguing rear lane access of Duckboard Place which curves around from Flinders Lane and back to AC/DC lane, all of which boast some of Melbourne’s best street art and high-end restaurants. A fitting arrival experience for a media group that promotes rich and respectful media experiences.

Building upon the success of Havas Sydney project and combined with new Melbourne centric workplace settings, Hammond Studio has created an open plan workspace defined by a pegboard maker space creative wall that weaves throughout the floors providing pin-up space and an opportunity for staff to personalise the workspace.

A new town hall space has been designed with a beerhall aesthetic with communal tables and bench seats which can be configured to suit varying function modes, to suit both social and more formal presentation settings.


D&C Contractor, Hunter Mason.

Photography by Suzi Appel. © Hammond Studio