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Commercial Workplace

PwC Australia is a professional services firm with Sydney teams located in Barangaroo, Parramatta and now within the iconic ‘Bushell’s Tea’ Building in ‘The Rocks’ heritage district.


The Bushell’s Tea Building provides a unique boutique setting for PwC Sydney The Rocks and stands in contrast to their more established headquarters in Barangaroo. The industrial aesthetic of the building and rich historical context lends itself to a creative and collaborative work environment, with a diverse range of work enabled furniture settings provided to support the day-to-day operations of the business.


The workplace solution is a continuation of the design narrative developed for the building precinct. The historical function of the building – tea making, has informed the finishes palettes for each level and is contrasted with exposed untreated timber columns, soffit and exposed mechanical services in line with the original industrial use of the building.


Designed as an activity based workplace, staff are provided with a ‘team’ workpoint at shared collaborative tables with more individual ‘focus’ work settings, enclosed quiet rooms and open collaborative settings.


Photography by Terence Chin. © Hammond Studio