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North Sydney Headquarters
GWA Group, North Sydney Headquarters


GWA Group is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of commercial and residential fixtures and fittings. Within its portfolio sits an impressive cache of brands including Caroma, Dorf and Methven.


Hammond Studio recently completed the interior design for GWA’s premier headquarters in North Sydney. Its offices, located within North Sydney’s newest landmark, inhabit a single level, covering 1250 square-metres.


At the core of GWA’s mission is its commitment to ‘making life better with superior solutions for water’. Following this very strong connection to nature, Hammond Studio adopted an interior design response that stems from nature’s elements of earth, air, fire and water. This ‘Land to Hand’ scheme has informed the palette of GWA’s workspace.


“GWA wanted to make the most of their new location, capturing the beauty of the Sydney skyline, providing daylight amenity to all staff, and also building synergies between staff and teams through an intelligent design response.” – Todd Hammond, Director, Hammond Studio


From the concept of earth arises the ‘Terra Firma’ zone, engendering comfort and security through a sense of solidity and foundation. In contrast to this is the ‘Up in the Air’ zone, enabling staff to move freely and lightly throughout the space.


Motivating interaction and engagement between employees is the fire-fuelled ‘Around the Campfire’ zone, designed to empower a combustion of energy and magnetism. Centring all this is ‘The Source’, referencing the life force of water, a zone in which serenity and celebration abounds.


“Working with GWA has been a great experience, understanding in detail how their business works and how far reaching they are within our industry. It has given rise to an enduring partnership that sees Hammond Studio provide design services to GWA at a national level. – Todd Hammond


Photography by Terence Chin. © Hammond Studio