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The very reason we come to work


The new international headquarters for global workplace operations company and double Unicorn, SafetyCulture, is a workplace like no other. Located in the heart of Sydney’s tech district in Surry Hills, Hammond Studio has delivered a nine-level workplace ‘destination’ that brings people to the office for inspired connection, idea sharing and collaborative work.


Envisaged as a technical, creative and social hub, Hammond Studio transformed each level into its own thriving and vibrant culture. This is achieved using distinctive colour palettes and theming, and curating a series of branded environments that entice the users and compel the viewer.


As part of these spaces, Hammond’s own in-house branding department has delivered a suite of critical fit-out elements, including wayfinding, signage, and graphic artworks. These ‘paste-up’ artworks, interchangeable in nature, depict SafetyCulture’s many initiatives and products, and communicate aspects of its work culture including company values such as “better as a team”.


Wellbeing at work sits high on the SafetyCulture agenda and its new headquarters offers enviable amenities including a chef-led kitchen, state-of-the-art gym, childcare facilities, breakout areas and workshop zones, chill out spaces, a parent’s room and quiet prayer room.


Entertainment and event facilities are defined by their distinctive branding, also delivered by Hammond’s in-house branding services. These include an impressive rooftop area with landscaped gardens, pizza oven and bar.


The entire site maintains a strong connection to the outdoors with offices across all nine floors looking out to the surrounding tree-lined streets. A rare and precious sight in what is one of Sydney’s busiest CBD suburbs.


Among SafetyCulture’s core principles is its commitment to sustainability, which manifested through many environmentally conscious measures. Perhaps most impressive is the breath-taking – and indeed purifying – four metre-high Junglefy ‘Breathing Tree’ located in the building atrium.


The first of its kind in the world and an Australian invention, the tree’s ‘trunk’ contains 24 modules of patented technology which provide an active biofiltration system that cleans the air of harmful pollutants. The tree’s ‘branches’ are built from custom architectural steel arbours to mimic a tree canopy and support climbing plants. The Breathing Tree’s leafy canopy shades the ground floor’s breakout space and offers beautiful views to the work floors above.


“Hammond Studio has a creative and collaborative approach to workplace design. Everything on the project has been managed with professionalism
and integrity.”
– Keyna Fryer. Director Workplace Experience & Community.


SafetyCulture’s workplace has recently been shortlisted in the IDEA Awards for ‘Best Workplace Over 1,00m2’ and in the Colour Award.


Their office has also been certified as one of the best medium-sized companies to work in by GPTW Australia.


Project Team

Base Building & Fitout Engineering: ADP Consulting
Integrated Fitout Head Contractor: MPA
Project Joinery: Enth Degree Projects
Lighting: Light Culture
Painters: Modern Painting Group
Themed Meeting Room Staging: Alfred
Electrical: R.W Palmer
Plumbing: Jones & Jones Master Plumbers
Graphic Mural Printing: Page38
Atrium Breathing Tree: Junglefy
Building Owner: Stasia Pty Ltd
Base Building Head Contractor: Infinity Constructions Group
Base Building Architect: Candalepas + Associates
Public Art: Janet Laurence
Photography by Terence Chin and SafetyCulture.
All images are © Hammond Studio